We absolutely love sex swings! If you're a couple and are interested in a little fun and experimentation, they open up a huge range of new and interesting sexual positions that would generally not be possible unless you're both gymnasts or you happen to live in outer space.

The gentle, anatomically designed support and experience of almost weightlessness a sex swing offers gives the opportunity to concentrate directly on your partner and the sex, rather than being focused on maneuvering into the right position to enjoy the new sensations a different position brings.

Until fairly recently they were not widely available and tended to be very expensive, however prices have now come down a lot which is great news and we aim to give an overview of what's out there to help you choose the best swing.

This Month's Featured Sex Swing

The Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing from Simply Pleasure (pictured left) is the pick of the bunch currently available in the UK. Priced at £88.95 we love the build quality of this model and it's the swing we've been merrily bouncing around on at home for the past four years ;-)

The most significant advantages of this swing are the width and strength of the metal frame and the fact that it truly is a swing where you hang sitting underneath the frame on long vertical straps. This is one of the key components to look out for in a sex swing because the cheaper ones (which are all door mounted swings) are very restrictive indeed which defeats the purpose of a sex swing because they don't allow you to hang freely in balance when seated - take a look at the economical but limited Fetish Fantasy Door Swing for £29.95 to see what we mean. The lack of height in the cheaper models is also extremely restrictive for taller users and means that in many positions you have to use your arms to balance yourself because you can't sit naturally.

Apart from being very well made, the Fetish Fantasy swing offers excellent value for money because what Lovehoney don't mention on their website is that it is actually also a spinning sex swing if you want it to be. This is a feature you can pay another £20 or £30 pounds for which is an absolute rip off because all you need to make a sex swing spin is a simple metal swivel that costs £3 in any DIY shop.

With comfort in mind, the straps are wider than on many swings which helps reduce the pressure on the bottom, legs and feet and all contact points are padded with thick firm foam that offers support rather than soft foam that doesn't help spread the weight. There are five pairs of buckles that allow excellent adjustability for different positions and different sized users and the swing is suspended on a spring which helps both comfort and usability.

All in all this is an excellent product that has everything you need in a swing and offers exactly the same quality and features as models costing up to £60 more.


    • A real swing that allows you to hang in balance not just a simple harness with a hook.
    • Enough height and width clearance for all users.
    • Extra wide straps with five pairs of buckles for excellent adjustability.
    • Sprung for comfort, usability and extra fun!
  • Cons

    • Not the cheapest on offer (but very good value given the quality).