Take a look at the whole of the UK sex swing market right here with us, we give you an instant overview of who is offering which products and at what price. We also review each product and give you our thoughts on which is the best deal on offer at the moment.

A sex swing is one of the more expensive adult accessories you can buy, so it makes sense to spend some time comparing what's on offer - enjoy!

Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing - £129.99

This nicely made swing from Bondara offers features and build quality that are normally only found on more expensive swings and is excellent value for money.

With a strong suspension spring, spinning option, very solid metal frame and enough height for all users, this is a great choice for anyone looking for either their first swing or one that won't break the bank.

We particularly liked the padding on the straps which is much wider and deeper than most models and made the swing very comfortable during use and allowed the user to fully relax in a supported manner.

    • Fully adjustable and very well padded straps for back, bottom and legs.
    • Spins and is sprung for maximum flexibility and fun.
    • Comes complete with all accessories including bolts, screws, hook and spring.
    • Good roomy swing with strong metal frame.
    • Very good value for money with good build quality.
  • Fetish Fantasy Door Swing - £39.99

    Now we make no bones about it, door swings are really not our favourite type of sex swing. There are a lot of reasons for this but the biggest issue is that because they hang from the door, you are never really free to move around and get 360 degree access as you are with free hanging swings. However, that said, door swings are significantly cheaper than free hanging swings and are obviously much easier to put up and take down than ceiling or frame mounted swings. Of the current bunch available, the Fetish Fantasy Door Swing is not only the cheapest but also the best on offer.

    Like our all time favourite free hanging swing from Fetish Fantasy (see below) this model shares the same excellent build quality and feels a lot more sturdy than many other door swings. The quality of the padding is also very good which is important because as with most door swings, there are no loops for your ankles so most of your weight is on your thighs. On a practical note, the acrylic tubes used to fix the swing to the door are also strong enough for the job without being so hard that they mark the door.

    • A very good value door swing from a quality brand.
    • Good padding on both sets of straps.
    • Safe, sturdy and door friendly fixings.
  • Fetish Fantasy Swing - £104.99

    This has been the UK's best value swing for many years. It's a really sturdy design with the frame being extremely solid and made from thick metal and the straps are wider than on nearly all swings which makes them less tiring on the hands when in positions that require some arm support.

    The padding on the seat, back and stirrups is also very good and is helped again by the width of the strapping which helps to distribute the weight and increases comfort levels and the feeling of hanging free and floating which is so central to the sex swing experience. It is also a really roomy swing that allows all users to feel comfortable and sit or lay properly in balance and this is important as it allows you to fully relax whilst using the swing.

    This is a very good quality swing and a great addition to the toy box (or cupboard!) and has maintained it's attractive price over the years whilst similar models from other brands have become ever more expensive.

    • A strong, nicely made swing that allows you to hang in balance
    • Enough height and width clearance for all users.
    • Extra wide straps with five pairs of buckles for excellent adjustability.
    • Sprung for comfort, usability and extra fun!
    • A solid choice and classic model.